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Sunday, May 01, 2005

sweet valley blog

I've been wondering lately if anyone still reads the Sweet Valley books - I see sweet valley twins books in thrift stores and library sales all the time, but not as often do i see the longer more YA sweet valley high novels. If these books are not read any longer, what has replaced them? i need to learn more about contemporary teen fluff fiction.

i'm contemplating reading all of the sweet valley high books - all of them - over the summer. just to see if i can. and blogging it every step of the way!!!!

i'm also getting a lot more academically interested in adolescence - I have been for, wow, almost a year - and teen pop fiction has a legitimate place in that interest.

i would like to know if anyone does still read these books - or that other standby of my younger youth, the babysitters' club series - and if not, what are The Kids reading these days to get their serial fiction fix?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

the madison finn and amazing days of abby hayes are popular series for tweens. for teens, i think they're more into the whole louise rennison, sisterhood of the travelling pants and younger chick lit thing. check out megan mccafferty too.

i do miss the sweet valley and baby-sitters club books. there's too much fantasy fiction and not enough "wholesome" books for young adults in this generation.

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