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Friday, July 15, 2005

harry potter

need i say more? i'm heading out soon to get my copy of the new Harry Potter book (hereafter referred to as HP6), and i'm psyched. i've been rereading HP5 and had forgotten about my new favorite character, Luna Lovegood. I'm eager to see what's happened with her.

i'll be blogging here about it probably once i'm done, or if anything strikes me as unusual or crappy or especially compelling. but i'll stick HP6 or spoiler or something in the post title if anyone wants to avoid spoilers.

what a weekend! charlie & the chocolate factory AND a new harry potter! and the new diana wynne jones book (Conrad's Fate) has been shipped to me from amazon.com!



Blogger The Blah Brain said...

I found a site while searching google and the site gives you previews of I found previes for the NEW - NEXT Harry Potter book 8, the book AFTER the half blood prince, it's insane... i have no idea how they got the previews maybe they know J.K. Rowling..


I also heard that J.K. Rowlings AOL screename is SQUIDWARD - I've actualy chatted with her on there...

8:47 AM  

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