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Wednesday, April 12, 2006

ChLA Conference

I recently learned that JAMES KINCAID, my personal theory god and guru, my academic/critical/intellectual hero and role model, is giving the Francelia butler Lecture at the ChLA Conference in June.

i hadn't planned on attending, though I would have liked to, because I'm not presenting (didn't even submit a paper, stupid me). But now that James Kincaid is speaking....well. it's a whole different ballgame, now.

I really want to go. I had such a wonderful time last year - it was incredibly inspiring and invigorating, listening to the papers and talks. I'm still reeling from the starstruck moment of being in the same room with Peter Hunt! and from the unbelievable paper on Raggedy Ann given by a woman named Robin something (who is at Harvard, and I am a total jerk for my inability to recall her last name).

I'm not outgoing enough to really "network" but the possibility of meeting and chatting with people in the field is also really tantalizing.

anyway, i'm trying to find out if i can get any funding through the university to attend. even if they could cover the cost of airfare/registration, i could manage lodgings. but i can't afford it all on my own. i just can't.

maybe i should set up a paypal account and see if anyone(s) wants to sponsor me to attend? i promise full reports on whatever sessions i attend....and of course, a gushing report on James Kincaid's lecture.

any sponsors????

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